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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

  • September 4, 2008 09:39 PM UTC by Liz Claman

    A-Twitter Over Twitter

    Back in June, I went to Silicon Valley to interview the hottest of the new-media and alternative-energy leaders and one of my favorite segments was with the gang at Twitter.  Don’t have a clue as to what Twitter is? You need to know, because soon it’s going to be all that anyone’s talking about.  IM’ing and texting are yesterday’s news. Twitter is today’s hot hi-tech tool:  It’s a FREE micro-blogging service that allows you to send and read other people’s updates or ‘tweets’ on your cell-phone.  The catch is that “tweets,” or entries, can be only 140 characters long so you have to be creative, sharp, and SHORT.

    I was very impressed with Twitter back then, and figured I’d follow up with the company in several months. But things quickly changed.

    Sunday I was watching coverage of Hurricane Gustav and I read that updates on the worst damage could be had at GustavReporter, a Twitter profile.  Then, I’m flipping channels the other night and I see my old pal from WSVN in Miami Rick Sanchez on cable saying to viewers,  “Sign up to receive my Twitter entries!”  Then I notice that on one of the hottest media blogs,, they’re re-printing some political tweets from both the Obama and McCain campaign sites which have set up their own Twitter profiles.  I immediately emailed my Silicon Valley producer Gary Kaye (I’m too uncool to Twitter at the moment because I’m on BlackBerry and don’t know how to download the necessary platform to Twitter-convert it) and said, “Book Twitter pronto!”

    Today Jack Dorsey, the CEO and man widely credited with coming up with the Twitter concept, joined us on the 2 p.m. EDT show. David Asman and I were so impressed by the possibilities of this service, which now has more than 2 million registered users, in just two years since it got up and running.  The Los Angeles Fire Department put the technology to work during the October ‘07 wildfires and some corporations have begun to use it as a marketing tool.

    Listen to Jack’s plans for the company (Anyone trying to buy it? Gonna take it public? Hmmm???) and decide whether you, too, should be Twittering. But no waxing poetic: you’ve got only 140 characters to make your point.



    Fish Oils: Therapy for Psoriasis?; New Evidence Shows `Significant’ Benefit

    The Washington Post December 5, 1989 | Jean Carper There’s growing evidence that the oil in fish helps control the symptoms of psoriasis and may even ward off its painful itching in some cases.

    Psoriasis is an inflammatory disorder in which skin cells are stimulated to grow abnormally fast. The cells pile up, creating elevated red, scaly patches that itch, burn and swell, sometimes excruciatingly. Psoriasis affects between 1 and 2 percent of the population-several million Americans.

    Although some experts think fish oils may soon became part of routine therapy for psoriasis, they say more research is needed to determine proper dosage and safety.

    The original clue that fish oil might be effective in blocking psoriasis came from a 1980 study by Danish physicians, noting that Greenland Eskimos, who are heavy fish eaters, have one-twentieth the incidence of psoriasis, compared with Danes.

    Since then, several clinical studies have found that many psoriasis sufferers given fish oil capsules seem to improve. The first study, by Vincent A. Ziboh, professor of dermatology at the University of California School of Medicine at Davis, involved a group of 18 patients. After eight weeks of taking fish oil capsules, “60 percent of the patients demonstrated mild to moderate improvement of their psoriatic lesions,” said Ziboh. The most-improved patients also had the most beneficial ratios of fish oils in their skin and blood, an indication that the fish oil accounted for the improvement, according to Ziboh.

    A scientific study of 28 patients at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield, England, published in the journal Lancet last year, also found “significant” benefit among psoriasis patients given daily fish oil capsules for three months, compared with those given identical-looking capsules of olive oil. (Both oils were flavored with peppermint to disguise the taste.) After two months and also after three months, the research team, headed by S.B. Bittiner, noted less scaling and redness, and in particular, less itching in the fish-oil group. go to site all fish oil benefits

    The researchers termed the benefits especially notable considering the “modest” daily doses of fish oil-the amount in a single serving, or 5 ounces of an oily fish such as mackerel. They also speculated that the fish oil benefits might be boosted if patients ate lots of high-fat fish such as salmon, mackerel, sardines and tuna.

    The latest research on the subject, by Danish dermatologists at the University of Aarhus, came out this year. In a group of 26 psoriasis patients who were put on a low-fat diet and also given fish oil capsules, 58 percent showed moderate or excellent improvement, 19 percent mild improvement and 23 percent no improvement. The fish oil worked best in patients with less extensive and less severe psoriasis.

    The puzzle: How can eating the oils of fish influence psoriasis? Although the biochemistry is extremely complex, here is the general theory. As certain fats are metabolized, they give rise to hormone-like substances called prostaglandins and leukotrienes. Specific leukotrienes are regarded as potent promoters of inflammation, and scientists do find increased levels of leukotrienes in the skin of psoriatic patients.

    Eating more fish oil seems to “cool down” or suppress production of the inflammatory substances within the cells, thus helping to curb inflammation and cell proliferation leading to psoriasis.

    Dermatologist Ziboh is convinced that he will get a much higher success rate in future studies by juggling some of the ingredients in the fish oil. “The biochemistry is so complex that it calls for a very delicate balance,” he said. That’s why he also hesitates to recommend ordinary fish oil supplements to sufferers of psoriasis, although he believes that “there’s a possibility they can be useful.” He said there’s no way to tell whether fish oil capsules on store shelves are any good at all. They may be rancid and ineffective or may not have the right proportions of particular ingredients. “When we tested several fish oil supplements from health food stores,” he said, “we found many of them totally ineffective.” Ziboh advised people with psoriasis to check with their physician before taking fish oil capsules. in our site all fish oil benefits

    Jack Yetiv, a California physician who recently wrote a review of fish oils for the journal of the American Medical Association, agreed that anyone taking fish oil capsules for psoriasis should be closely monitored by a doctor because of possible side effects and interactions with current medications.

    On the other hand, most experts think moderately raising fish consumption is a good idea for psoriasis sufferers, as well as for most other people.

    William Lands, professor of biological chemistry at the University of Illinois in Chicago and a pioneer in fish-oil studies, thinks eating fish may actually help prevent chronic diseases like psoriasis. He theorizes that regular small intakes of fish oils over many years strengthen cells’ defenses against repeated inflammatory attacks, thwarting the development of psoriasis.

    Recent studies, he agrees, also indicate that fish oils appear therapeutic against existing psoriasis. But, he adds, it’s difficult to know the oils’ true effectiveness, not only because of the varying composition of the fish oils but also because such unpredictable factors as spontaneous remissions, common in psoriasis, may cloud research findings.

    Eating Right appears on alternate Tuesdays.

    Jean Carper

    FPJ PASSES AWAY; Dies shortly after midnight in arms of family Death confirmed by doctor.(Main News)

    Manila Bulletin December 14, 2004 Byline: BRENDA PIQUERO TUAZON Movie kingpin and opposition leader Fernando Poe Jr., who suffered a stroke Saturday evening, died shortly after midnight after receiving the last rites in the arms of his family.

    His wife, movie actress Susan Roces, and daughter Mary Grace who had just arrived from Virginia were at his bedside at the St. Lukes Medical Center in Quezon City when FPJ died.

    The 64-year-old movie icon, who came close to becoming President in this years May 10 elections, had avoided public appearances and maintained a stony silence shortly after he contested the results of the May polls by filing a complaint before the Presidential Electoral Tribunal.

    Among the first to be informed of FPJs death was former President Joseph Estrada who was in his detention quarters in Tanay, Rizal.

    Estrada had gone to see FPJ at the hospital on the first night of his confinement but since he was given only a three-hour furlough by the Sandiganbayan, he had to return the same night to Tanay Before he died, it was reported on GMA Channel 7s late night news program “Saksi” at past 12 midnight last night that something had appeared to have gone wrong when Sen. Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada rushed to the hospital.

    Immediately after that, close friends and supporters started to arrive at the hospital one-by-one to check on what happened to him.

    At around 1:40 a.m., FPJs physician, Dr. Abdias Aquino, confirmed FPJs death.

    Earlier last night, movie queen Susan Roces, ever the serene and God-fearing person that she is, said that she was prepared to accept Gods will as her husband, movie king Fernando Poe, Jr., felled by a stroke Saturday night, remained in critical condition in the hospital.

    Roces gave the statement as hordes of reporters and photographers, radio and television crews, and a big gathering of fans continued to crowd the St. Lukes Medical Center on E. Rodriguez Ave. in Quezon City. The swelling sea of people in the hospital premises on the second day of Poes confinement has forced the Philippine National Police (PNP) to deploy policemen in the area to reinforce the hospitals private security force for crowd control. this web site last night movie

    Despite their pain, Roces said her family takes comfort and strength in the extraordinary outpouring of support from long-time friends, admirers, and thousands of her husbands fans who had lighted candles, kept vigil, and held prayer rallies in churches in Metro Manila and in Poes hometown in Pangasinan, San Carlos City.

    Last Sunday night, Estrada, using the cellphone of his wife Sen. Luisa “Loi” Ejercito Estrada, called Ms. Susan Roces to give her comfort and make her strong, and asked her “to stand undaunted in her faith in Divine Providence.” While he was talking to her, she noticed Estradas voice began to crack as he asked her to place her cellphone near the ear of her husband so he could talk to him.

    “I tried so hard to keep away my tears all that time Erap was talking to my husband on my cellphone,” Poes wife said as her thoughts raced back through the more than four decades of their friendship, through all the good and bad times.

    Estradas arrival at her husbands hospital room late Sunday night, according to Mrs. Poe, “brought cheer not only to our family, but specially to me.” Since Saturday night after her husband was taken to the St. Lukes Medical Center, hundreds of friends had streamed into hospital corridors, bringing flowers and food for the family.

    FPJs sisters Elizabeth, Genevieve, Evangeline, and brother Frederick arrived early yesterday from California.

    Daughter Grace arrived late last night from Virginia with her youngest child.

    Mrs. Poe said her husbands sisters, brothers, and their families had been looking forward to a big Christmas reunion on her husbands invitation at their Greenhills home this year.

    “Our daughter and three grandchildren were supposed to arrive shortly before Christmas, but just the same, we will still have our Christmas reunion because this is what my husband wanted,” she said.

    Her husbands illness had caught her by surprise because in the 36 years of their marriage, described in the industry as among the most admirable since their almost fairytale wedding, she cannot remember FPJ getting sick.

    “There was only one time I took him to the hospital when he had a bum stomach, and was given about two bottles of dextrose to avoid being dehydrated, and that was all,” she said.

    Poe suffered a stroke late Saturday night during a Christmas party he gave his staff at the FPJ Studio in Del Monte Ave., QC. He was then with musicianactor Jaime Fabregas, Rep. Francis Escudero and Makati City Mayor Jejomar Binay.

    He initially complained of dizziness and when he began to throw up, his brother and nephews took him to the hospital where he was immediately listed in critical condition.

    As of yesterday, attending doctors described FPJs condition practically as “more of the same since Saturday.” Among those who visited FPJs family were former President Cory Aquino and son Noynoy, former First Lady Mrs. Imelda Marcos and daughter Imee, Senators Alfredo Lim, Richard Gordon, Aquilino Pimentel Jr., Lito Lapid, and Mayor Jejomar Binay of Makati City.

    Poes vice-presidential candidate Loren Legarda, campaign spokesman and former Sen. Tito Sotto, former Sen. Tessie Aquino Oreta, and former Comelec Chairman Harriet O. Demetriou were among the visitors at the hospital. website last night movie

    As Poe lay in a coma Monday morning, his wife, a devout Catholic, said she continued to “wait in hope and faith knowing that there is always a reason for every season, and when seasons change, God will always stand by me.” Yesterday morning, President Estrada noted the medical bulletin issued by Dr. Abdias Aquino, the attending neurologist of FPJ at St. Lukes Medical Center in Quezon City, stating that FPJs medical condition had worsened, said, “May the Lord be his strength during this most critical challenge of his life.” “Pareng Ronnie, mahal ka namin, at maraming nagmamahal sa iyo, kailangan ka ng bayan; alam kong kaya mong lampasan ang pagsubok na ito,” Estrada told Poe, who ran but lost to President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo during the presidential election last May10.

    The deposed leader also gave Poes wife Susan Roces, words of comfort.

    “Mareng Susan, the Filipino people is behind you in asking God for Ronnies speedy recovery,” he said.

    Before FPJ succumbed to his illness, many officials and friends issued statements expressing their concern and praying for his recovery.

    Sen. Lito Lapid said, “Let us all pray for the quick recovery of FPJ who has dedicated most of his life to the improvement of the Philippine movie industry and the development of the lives of the Filipino people even before he sought public office.” Lapid said he has maintained his personal relationship with FPJ despite their political affiliations during the last elections when they ran for public offices under opposing political parties.

    “I continued to hold him in high esteem despite our political differences and we have maintained our high level of friendship which was established years ago when we were both working in the movie industry,” Lapid said.

    Lapid added he continued to acknowledge his indebtedness to FPJ who had given him his break as an actor during his early years in the movie industry.

    Hopes dim for actors recovery Hopes for an early recovery for action star Fernando Poe Jr. dimmed after his condition took a turn for the worse yesterday due to damaged blood vessels in his brain.

    A medical bulletin distributed by House of Representatives Minority Leader Francis Escudero (NPC, Sorsogon), who is acting as official spokesman for the Poe family, revealed that the movie idol remained in coma 36 hours after he was taken to the St. Lukes Medical Center following a stroke Saturday night.

    “His condition has deteriorated further 36 hours after the stroke,” Escudero told members of the House media.

    He said Poe no longer breathes by himself, and that breathing is aided by support system.

    However, Escudero said there are clear indications that Poe is “still fighting” for his life despite his worsening condition.

    Escudero added that a big portion of the third floor of St. Lukes Medical Center has been reserved for the family and close friends.

    The area will be off limits to the media.

    He also cited Poes wife, actress Susan Roces, for demonstrating courage in the face of her husbands predicament.

    “Kahit malungkot, matatag pa rin si Susan. Siya pa nga ang pinanggagalingan ng lakas ng loob at pag-asa ng lahat ng nagmamahal kay FPJ,” said Escudero. (Susan has remained strong, although sad. In fact, she has lent courage and hope to all those who care for FPJ).

    The medical bulletin issued at 1:11 p.m. yesterday by Dr. Abdias V. Aquino, attending neurologist, indicating that Poe, who led the s opposition in last Mays presidential elections, suffered a “severe brain attack” or stroke.

    The stroke was triggered by blood obstruction in both the “anterior and posterior brain circulation due to occlusion of blood vessels.” “He is still in a coma and has multiple organ system involvement. His blood pressure is being supported by medicine,” Aquino said.

    Aquino, also the head of the Stroke Service of the Institute for Neurosciences at St. Lukes, disclosed that other “multidisciplinary experts” are involved in managing Poes medical condition.

    Interpreting the medical bulletin, Rep. Antonio Yapha, a doctor and chairman of the House committee on health, said it is clear that Poe is “clinically dead” and that his condition is “very serious.” Reps. Santiago and Serapio (KNP, Valenzuela) appealed to the public to include Poe in their prayers.

    Santiago and Serapio also urged critics of the gravely ill opposition leader to set aside politics as the actor fights for his life.

    Escudero recounted that Poe had complained of dizziness last Friday but had attributed it to his newly-adjusted eyeglasses.

    The actor was with friends at the FPJ production studio on Del Monte Ave., Quezon City when he complained of dizziness and later slumped on the table at about 11 p.m. last Saturday.

    Although still conscious, the actor was bodily taken to a van by Escudero and other supporters to the St. Lukes Medical Center.

    “He was conscious, but was disoriented when we took him to the hospital,” said Escudero.

    A few minutes before the stroke, Poe called boxing championManny Pacquiao to congratulate him for his victory that night against Thai opponent Fahsan 3-K Battery. (Ben R. Rosario) Vice President offers prayers for FPJ Earlier yesterday, Vice President Noli de Castro joined Fernando Poe Jr.s family, friends, and supporters in praying for him.

    “My family is praying for the recovery of Fernando Poe Jr., an icon and a pillar in the Philippine movie industry,” De Castro said in a statement.

    De Castro also called on the Filipino people to pray for the recovery of Poe.

    “We are giving our support and sympathy to the family of Mr. Poe. May the Lord guide them in this ordeal and give them the strength to surpass this trial,” De Castro said.

    “I urge the nation as well to continue praying for the recovery of Mr. Poe. Our prayers are what Mr. Poe and his family need right now,” he added.

    Poe suffered a stroke last Saturday night and is confined at the intensive care unit (ICU) of the St. Lukes Medical Center in Quezon City. (David Cagahastian)

Shaun Morton

I see great potential for Twitter and similar microblogging platforms in the media. CNN has already adopted the platform as a means for sending their followers breaking news headlines. The service was also widely used during the recent China earthquakes and Hurricane Gustav.

September 7, 2008 at 4:05 pm

David Damore

Nice to see more people recognizing Twitter as a powerful tool for marketing, business, politics, life...

September 6, 2008 at 10:40 pm

Tina Tobin

You have more vision than I did. I didn't "get" Twitter until I tried it. Now I'm "Tweeting" all the time, and I'm still just beginning to appreciate it's potential.

September 5, 2008 at 6:49 am

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