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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

  • May 2, 2009 09:16 AM UTC by Liz Claman

    The Berkshire Movie

    This year’s “toned down” movie begins – some of the highlights:

    Clips of some of the funniest Geico commercials (BRK company)

    Late night and Jon Stewart “covering” financial crisis

    Buffett & Tiger Woods on the green – Buffett giving Tiger a few tips – telling him: “Tigger” – you learn fast!

    Warren Buffett and Susan Lucci make a deal to switch jobs!! Charlie Munger tells Lucci: “You certainly have some important qualities that Warren lacks.”

    Lucci the new “BRK CEO” says need to change BRK dividend policy – saying it’s too cheap and need to give WEEKLY earnings guidance and up the BRK directors’ salaries.  Munger says: “Sounds good to me.”

    Warren comes back into the picture – says forget “All My Children” – Berkshire Hathaway is HIS show… And he CAN’T be without it.

    Buffett tells Lucci to buy whatever she wants at Borsheims and put it on Munger’s tab :)

    Next vignette -

    Buffett caught sleeping at the Nebraska Furniture Mart (Warren made deal to buy this company on a handshake)

    Buffett taking a turn as a furniture salesman

    Customer: You’re selling mattresses now??

    Buffett: It was something about the ratings downgrade….

    HE MAKES A SALE! – a  mattress with plenty of storage space underneath (Could that be the safest place to keep your cash??

    Buffett had more than dollar bills stored underneath the mattress…..

    FBN’s Charles Payne makes an appearance in montage of news networks covering when markets first fell to levels not seen since 1997

    Showing clips of last year’s meeting – though the market and economy are much different than last year – many of the shareholder feelings were the same then as they are now – they want to hear Buffett’s outlook for the economy and financial markets.

    Geico and Helzberg Diamond commercials – so funny….

    Okay – True Hollywood Story on the life of the GEICO Gecko…..and his “lifelong goal” to help people save money.

    More to come…


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