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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

  • February 2, 2011 07:39 AM UTC by Liz Claman

    Car Czar to FoxBiz: "Oil At These Levels Won't Spur Electric Car Sales"

    Steven Rattner stopped by the Fox Business studios to talk about January auto sales and he started with a declaration that I, as a taxpayer who helped bail out General Motors and Chrysler, was happy to hear: the U.S. auto industry looks pretty good these days.  Rattner was tapped in ‘08 by President Obama to restructure a disastrous industry. Look, before the crisis, you didn’t have to look that hard to see that the auto industry with its union and healthcare legacy costs looked like that fake elephant they have stuck in the La Brea Tar Pits for L.A. tourists and school kids to gawk at: bogged down and completely stuck. But today, General Motors— the worst of the offenders– posted a 22 percent rise in January sales, outperforming expectations for the market on gains in demand for, among other vehicles, its pick-up trucks.

    Rattner is optimistic.   He sees light vehicle sales in the U.S. climbing to 14 million units this year, and 15 million by 2012. Keep in mind that pre-crisis, the industry was hitting 16 million units.  I’m not as optimistic as Rattner is, and I’m not sure we should go back to our “3 cars in the driveway” behavior that got us into trouble in the past, but hey, I’m game to listen to what else he had to say.  And with oil prices rising as Egypt comes to a slow boil, Rattner’s the guy I wanted to hear from about whether we’ll change our dirty-fuel-guzzling behavior.  You should listen to why he doesn’t think it will… YET.


    Baron & Budd Files Suit Against

    Wireless News March 24, 2011

    Wireless News 03-24-2011 Baron & Budd Files Suit Against Type: News

    The national law firm of Baron & Budd recently filed a lawsuit against Clarus Marketing Group, the owner of

    The firm said the case alleges that Clarus Marketing, through, perpetuated an online scheme that generated millions of dollars in profits for the company while scamming unknowing consumers. see here proflowers coupon code

    “Unfortunately, these types of online scams aren’t new,” said Bruce Steckler, head of the firm’s general litigation section. “And it isn’t just one or two isolated incidents. Profit-making, yet incredibly deceptive online practices have become so numerous that the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce launched a full investigation on these types of scams to see how consumers can be protected. As a law firm dedicated to protecting consumers, it’s our responsibility to stand up against these companies and tell them they can’t do this.” in our site proflowers coupon code

    At the forefront of online scam litigation, Baron & Budd currently serves as co-lead counsel in the EasySaver Rewards MDL, a case that concerns a similar scam perpetuated by Encore Marketing Group through its EasySaver Rewards program. Websites affected include Shari’s Berries, Cherry Moon Farms, Red Envelope and, most notably, Proflowers.

    Dallas-based Baron & Budd,:

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